30 JUNE - 5 JULY 2014

Through lectures, debates workshops, exhibitions, screening, tours and architecture and urban interventions in the city of Pristina, PAW's intention is

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Kosovo's Architecture Foundation
Prishtina, Kosova
Hakif Zejnullahu, S11 H1/4
Tel: +377 (0)44 124 371


Tirana Architecture Weeks 2014 kicks off


Kosovo Architecture Foundation and Prishtina Architecture Week is proud to support the Tirana Arch


Skopje Creative Hub 2014

The Kosovo Architecture Foundation is excited to collaborate with the City Creative Network in their upcoming event Skopje Creative Hub 2014. The 10 day festival will start on the 29th of August and will be focused on developing interventions that promote alternative use of the public spaces in the city. SCH2014 has paired international and local


PAW party

Paw Closing Party White tree Saturday / 05 july 2014 / 20:30


Competition - Ideas for Prishtina

 Haven't you all, at least one, imagined a different or better city of Prishtina? Haven't you ever thought of any tiny or big change that would ease and improve the way we use and experience our city? If you were given the power to change Prishtina, what would you do to make it safer, more beautiful, usable, livable and user-friendly? Well, he



Urbanized is a feature-length documentary about the design of cities, which looks at the issues and strategies behind urban design and features some of the world’s foremost architects, planners, policymakers, builders, and thinkers. Over half the world’s population now lives in an urban area, and 75% will call a city home by 2050. But while some cities are experiencing explosive growth, others are shrinking. The challenges of balancing housing, mobility, public space, civic engagement, economic development, and environmental policy are fast becoming universal concerns. Yet much of


Rem Koolhaas

Rem Koolhaas is one of the world’s most renowned architects and commissioned for landmark projects all across the globe. His outstanding creations such as the Dutch Embassy in Berlin, the Seattle Library, the Casa da Musica concert hall in Porto and the Guggenheim Heritage Museum in Las Vegas are working examples of the Dutchman’s visionary theories about architecture and urban society. Koolhaas' work is as much about ideas as it is about constructing buildings; he is equally celebrated as a writer and social commentator, his 1978 publication Delirious New York: A Retroactive Mani



“How much does your building weigh, Mr. Foster?” is the first feature film focused on the architect Norman Foster and it will be the beginning of a series of productions on the key figures of the art and culture of the XXI century. The film shows Norman Foster’s journey from Manchester to a global practice. It talks about architecture, and why it matters, and how difficult it is to do it well. Norman Foster has rewritten the rules of architecture. His vision and unswerving passion for excellence have created some of the most exceptional structures of our times. Architecture c


Small Utopias

SMALL UTOPIAS Italian architecture of the third millennium between history, research and innovation is an exhibition on the “new” Italian architecture curated and designed by MAXXI Architettura for the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The itinerary of the show moves upon the research of the best Italian architectural energies along three parallel directions: the authors, the project, the themes. We tried to identify buildings or projects already realized, so as to cast light not just on the aptitude to imagine bold and convincing architectural solutions, but also the capacity

Open Studios


project GRAPHICS is a leading creative factory that brings together a group of young and inspiring talents in the field of brand identity, print and editorial design, packaging, interactive design and architecture. It nurtures a diverse interactive creativity since 2002, when it was founded by Agon Çeta, its lead designer, as a response to the overwhelming demands over his illustrious straight lined designs that marked his generation. ProjectGRAPHICS Studio, the soul of the architects and graphic designers, it is hardly surprising that even their works shown on the form, structure, line

Open Houses

The Vushtrri Fortress

The Vushtri Fortress is one of the oldest monuments in the city of Vushtrri and is usually referred to as the “Old Fortress”. This archeological site is situated in the center of the city and is rich with layers of different historic periods. Based on its historic attribution the structure is enlisted under Kosovo’s cultural heritage protection list. Although reconstructed numerous times the structure has survived to our days. The fortress had different uses till 1962. Now that the project for the revitalization of this site has finished, the fortress will function as a mul



The Streets of Prishtina Workshop will be headed by Skye Duncan who is a senior designer at the Department of City Planning in New York City and a professor at Columbia University. The aim of the workshop is to produce tools and resources for the physical and esthetic treatment of the main streets of Prishtina. The workshop aims to produce guidelines that will be used by the municipality in their future planning and interventions. Skye Duncan is a Bachelor of Architecture with Honors from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand (2002); Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Desi



Informal Toolbox for Prishtina Workshop will be headed by Haris Piplas from Urban Think-Tank and the Department of Architecture at ETH. The workshops aim is to critically map the urban transformations and processes in the city of Prishtina. Using the U-TT methodologies the workshop aims to set the bases for future studies and interventions in the urban and social real of the city. Urban-Think Tank is an interdisciplinary design practice dedicated to high-level research and design on a variety of subjects, concerned with contemporary architecture and urbanism. The philosophy of U-TT is to d