Behar Neziraj the winner of Students Review

The work by the UBT student Behar Neziraj announced as the best work for the academic year 2015-2016.  The annual "Students Review" exhibition held for the 4th time during the Prishtina Architecture Week exhibits the best works produced by the students of Kosovo architecture schools, apart from its importance judging by the number of more than 400 works that were exhibited, it is the largest exhibition of its kind in our region.

This year the best work wins a prize of 500 euros from our main sponsor "KNAUF-Kosova".  The second best work by Korab Perteshi from AAB, wins a prize of 400 euros in specialized architecture cad courses from ArchiEDU, and the third prize, won by Ibrahim Beqiri from the FNA-UP wins a prize of 300 euros in 3D printing from Formon.
Other noted works this year were by: Asdren Spahija, Besmir Ajeti, Egzon Bajraktari and Fjolla Sllovinja from FNA-UP; Bledar Kabashi, Agron Berisha, Arbenita Mehmeti, Besnik Morina, Dion Zeqiri, Diellza Limani, Elisa Maxhuni, Getoar Sadiku and Krenar Krasniqi from AAB;  Dren Nishliu, Ibrahim Kollari, Egzon Nikci, Qendrim Begisholli, Labinot Haxha and Gojart Grainca from UBT. 
First Place: Behar Neziraj, UBT
Second place: Korab Perteshi, AAB
Third place: Ibrahim Beqiri, FNA-UP


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