Prishtina Architecture Week is organized by the Kosovo Architecture Foundation in close partnership with the Municipality of Prishtina and the Future Architecture Platform. PAW is an annual event and its main objective is to present to the local architecture community and the general public the contemporary theories and methodologies in the field of architecture and urban planning.

This year the PAW theme is “Inclusivity” and KAF has invited a number of renowned architects and planners from around the world to showcase their innovative concepts and work tackling the numerous problems of today’s contemporary city. With numerous activities such as lectures, workshops, exhibitions, screenings and competitions PAW will yet again turn Prishtina into the regional exchange hub for methodologies, experience, architectural and urban experimentation. For the first time this year the Architecture Week will also organize activities in Fushë Kosova and Prizren. 

Lectures by renowned international and local architects presenting their architectural philosophy, concepts and designs before the general public. Throughout the 6 days of the Architecture Week numerous prominent international and local architects will hold open lectures to students, architects and the general public. All of the invited lecturers are pioneers in their respected fields whether we’re speaking of self-sustainable buildings, hybrid cultural venues or urban developments.


The PAW Workshops aim the training of the young professionals and architecture students in the theories of architecture & urban planning, cultural heritage, use of computing parametric software programs and landscape architecture, all of which will be guided by international architects coming from renowned studios and internationally acclaimed schools.


Specialized tours that will be telling the story of Prishtina through architecture, from the city's oldest buildings up to the modern and contemporary ones.

Open Studios

The purpose of these visits is for the future architects to get familiar with the work that is done in the architectural studio based in Prishtina. Architects will explain the "backstage" and all the work that goes into the realization of a project, from initial conceptual drawings to the site visit.

Open Houses

Open Houses Tour Aims to open the doors of the most emblematic buildings in the city where the tour leader will reveal more information about the architectural concepts of their designers the history behind the construction, its intended and current use.


Innovative and pioneering models in architecture, design and urban planning will be showcased with the hope of influencing the student, the young professional and the general visitor. PAW Students Review: Exhibition of selected works by architecture students from the faculty’s of architecture at the University of Prishtina, AAB and UBT. The PAW visitor has the opportunity to see the creative works by all the architecture students of Kosovo. Best works will be chosen in their respective categories.

PAW Films and Documentaries

Documentary films about architecture, urbanism, and fields related to and affect them, like design, art, sociology, etc. The screening of these documentaries intends to serve as a complimentary to the lectures and increase the influence of contemporary architects and urban planners no the Architecture Week visitors and show contemporary and practical solutions to problems affecting the modern city.  


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